Wearable Towels! FINALLY!
May 26, 2009, 11:22 am
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This is the very best idea I’ve heard all day:

The site is almost as good as the video (almost):

Thank you, @thleen!


Important Dates to Remember
May 22, 2009, 11:11 am
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These are the only holidays I’m celebrating this year (well… these and my birthday and Christmas, because I enjoy receiving presents). My gift wishlist is on Amazon under my email address. Go ahead and surprise me (but if you really want to make me happy, get me the Hulk Hogan Grill).

(these are actual observed holidays, with sponsors and everything – I didn’t make these up)

No Pants Day: 1 FINALLY, someone said it!
Bread Pudding Recipe Exchange Week: 1-7 – I can’t believe I missed this one this year
National Correctional Officer’s Week: 3-9 (My Parole officer is going to love the ticking box I left on her doorstep)

National Accordion Awareness Month
National Bathroom Reading Month
National Candy Month

*Gruntled Workers Day: 13
*International Town Criers Day: 14
*Rat-catchers Day: 22
Cow Appreciation Day: 10

*Take Your Houseplant For A Walk Day: 27
National Clown Week: 2-8
*Meaning of “Is” Day: 17
*More Herbs, Less Salt Day: 29

Pleasure Your Mate Month (as long as I’m the mate, I’m in)
Shameless Promotion Month (ME ME ME ME ME)
Line Dance Week: 14-19 (black people be dancin)
National Chimney Safety Week: 27-10/3
*National Cake Decorating Day: 10 (’nuff said)
*Cranky Co-workers Day: 27

*Haunted Refrigerator Night: 30

*Married To A Scorpio Support Day: 18 (WHAT? they should be so lucky!)

*International Day for the Abolition of Slavery Day: 2 (I endorse this day!!!!!)
International Shareware Day: 12 (when you say “shareware,” you mean like, Adobe CS4, right?)
*National Chocolate-covered Anything Day: 16 (DUH)

Inaugural Address
May 19, 2009, 5:26 pm
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No less than 5 people have asked me to start a blog. I feel so popular (@thleen – your $20 is in the mail). Nevermind that one was my sister, and another was my mom… Clearly the world is clamoring for me to share my wisdom. So here it is… well, not so much in this post, but soon… very soon… ish…